DETOUR 9 :: March 2008

rjd2 / ghostwriter (deadringer)

skeewiff / theme from dave allen (cruise control)

beatfanatic / cookin' (the outernational sound)

dizzy gillespie / manteca [funky lowlives remix] (verve remix v 2)

st. germain / rose rouge (tourist)

gomez / detroit swing 66 (in our gun)

karminsky experience / shall we dance? [ty webb mix] (power of suggestion)

the stovall sisters / hang on in there (what it is! box set)

plastyc budda / string vibe [ny hipharmonic mix] (turntables on the hudson v4)

action figure party / everybody ready (action figure party)

amigos invisibles / majunche (the venezuelan zinga son vol. 1)

rae and christian / get a move on (blazing the crop)

torpedo boyz / gimme a bassline! (headache music)

hooverphonic / mad about you (the magnificent tree)

aterciopelados / luz azul (gozo poderoso)