DETOUR 8 :: January 2008

club des belugas / hip hip chin chin (yaziko club mix) [hotel costes vol 7]

dj logic / afro beat [the zen of logic]

random heroes / c'mon and get it [freestyle singles collection vol 9]

pizzicato five / sweet soul revue [made in usa]

dj malente / boogaloo [the spirit of malente]

shirley bassey / goldfinger (propellerheads mix) [the remix album]

friends from rio / escravos do jo [brazilified]

morcheeba / trigger hippie [who can you trust?]

lyrics born & the poets of rhythm / i changed my mind (rattlesnake mix) [same !@#$ different day]

dj harry / shadows [collision]

rockers hi-fi / now i deliver [mish mash]

black grass / score [black grass]

de la soul / buddy [3 feet high and rising]

blockhead / the art of walking [downtown science]