DETOUR 7 :: November 2007

bebel gilberto / aganju (bebel gilberto)

mint royale / from rusholme with love (on the ropes)

adrian quesada & ocote soul sounds / ora como rey... (el nino y el sol)

emiliana torrini / easy (love in the time of science)

lemon / mission accomplished (lemon up!)

diesler / cotton wool (diggin it somethin rotten)

ub40 / legalise it (groove corp presents remixes from the elephant house)

john scofield band / thikhathali (up all night)

the meters / a message from the meters (very best of)

lack of afro / live at the club (press on)

hugo madoro / i know a little cuban (bonobo: it came from the sea)

dj malente / fertig (the spirit of malente)

the pinkertones / mojo moog (the million colour revolution)

joe bataan / chick-a-boom [chris joss remix] (ESL remixed)

phoenix / if it's not with you (alphabetical)

mc 900 ft jesus / the city sleeps (welcome to my dream)