DETOUR 6 :: October 2007

skeewiff / cruise control [cruise control]

dinksuoitinrev / wang doodler samba [turntables on the hudson v6]

z trip / listen to the dj [shifting gears]

lyle workman / flashback party weekend [superbad soundtrack]

cut chemist / the audience is listening theme song [the audience's listening]

thunderball / vai vai [scorpio rising]

rosalia de souza / maria moita [garota moderna]

beta band / the house song [3 EPs]

soul coughing / lazybones [irresistable bliss]

jimmy smith / root down (and get it) [root down jimmy smith live!]

nickodemus / mi swing es tropical [endangered species]

the herbaliser / the turnaround [something wicked this way comes]

finley quaye / red rolled and seen [maverick a strike]

beth orton / stolen car [central reservation]

1 giant leap feat. michael franti / passion [1 giant leap]