DETOUR 5 :: August 2007

steinski / race to the caravan [who owns culture?]

los chicarrons / chicarrons y boogaloo [ursula 1000's all systems are go-go]

sarah vaughn / fever (adam freedland remix) [verve remixed v. 3]

dj logic / 9th ward blues [zen of logic]

thievery corporation / indra [mirror conspiracy]

cardigans / erase-rewind [gran turismo]

david holmes / $160 million chinese man [ocean's 11 soundtrack]

air / alpha beta gaga [talkie walkie]

gomez / ping one down [in our gun]

jimmy mcgriff / where it's at [greatest hits]

los amigos invisibles / superfucker [the venezeulan zinga son vol.1]

lungiswa plaatijes / fundal [traveler '99: a planetful of grooves]

fun lovin' criminals / up on the hill [100% colombian]

brazilian girls / long [brazilian girls]

stephanie mckay / take me over [stephanie mckay EP]