DETOUR 4 :: July 2007

the pinkertones / welcome to the million colour revolution [the million colour revolution]

hodges, james, smith & crawford / nobody [from david holmes' "come get it, i got it"]

medeski martin & wood / philly cheese blunt [the dropper]

jill scott / a long walk [who is jill scott?]

fumi / straight no filter [rae & christian's another late night]

the herbaliser / gadget funk [take london]

cornershop / lessons learned from rocky I to rocky III [handcream for a generation]

hot chip / keep fallin' [coming on strong]

groove armada / suntoucher [goodbye country (hello nightclub)]

pizzacato 5 / baby love child [made in USA]

action figure party / where's the moment? [action figure party]

marcello / beleza [brazillian groove]

bonobo featuring bajka / days to come [days to come]