DETOUR 3 :: June 2007

king biscuit time / i walk the earth [no style]

ursula 1000 / kaboom! [here comes tomorrow]

steinski / it's a funky thing [from "nothing to fear"]

thievery corp / coming from the top [dj kicks: thievery corporation]

mint royale feat. pos / show me [on the ropes]

eddie harris / listen here [mean greens]

thunderball / heart of the hustler [scorpio rising]

sly & robbie w/ howie b / superthruster [drum and bass stripped to the bone]

diesler & bonobo / sandcastles-flutter [bonobo: it came from the sea]

jem / save me [finally woken]

funky lowlives / latazz [cosmic funk]

the pleb / one for senegal [turntables on the hudson v4]

los aterciopelados / pendulo [caribe atomico]

rae & christian / for claudia [blazing the crop]

luke vibert & bj cole / fly hawaii [stop the panic]