DETOUR 2 :: May 2007

gabin / into my soul [mr. freedom]

big boss man / sea groove [thievery corp's the outernational sound]

dillinger / cocaine in my brain [groove corporation's remixes from the elephant house]

maxi jazz & robbie williams / my culture [1 giant leap]

david holmes / gritty shaker [let's get killed]

zero 7 / waiting to die [the garden]

mc 900 ft. jesus / buried at sea [one step ahead of the spider]

emiliana torrini / unemployed in summertime [love in the time of science]

john scofield / jeep on 35 [a go go]

the incredible moses leroy / beep beep love [electric pocket radio]

robert walter's 20th congress / rite away [money shot]

cal tjader / soul sauce [soul sauce]

wiseguys / search's end [the antidote]

hooverphonic / 2 wicky [a new stereophonic sound spectacular]