DETOUR 10 :: May 2008

ken nordine / where did you go? (

the beta band / inner meet me (The 3 EPs)

chemical bros. featuring flaming lips / the golden path (singles 93-03)

cut chemist / the garden (the audience is listening)

boozoo bajou / under my sensi [thievery corp remix] (the outernational sound)

groove armada / lazy moon [horkheimer mix] (goodbye country, hello nightclub)

the orb / little fluffy clouds (the orb's adventures beyond the ultraworld)

air / kelly watch the stars [moog cookbook remix]

rockers hi fi meet ella fitzgerald / sunshine of your love (groove corp presents remixes from the elephant house)

medeski martin & wood / sugar craft [yuka honda remix] (combustication)

badly drawn boy / delta (little boy blues) (about a boy soundtrack)

lack of afro / mongrel strut (press on)

mc 900 ft jesus / killer inside me (welcome to my dream)

fdel / instrumental proficiency (audiofdelity)

jem / just a ride (finally woken)

jaywalkers / that time of day (again) (mushroom jazz 2)

black heat / wanaoh (what it is! box set)

jimi hendrix experience / 3rd stone from the sun (are you experienced?)

craig richey / DK 101 [dave's not here mix] (the king of kong: a fistful of quarters)