DETOUR :: Episode 19 (Feb '15)

popeye and olive oyl / why do you answer a question with a question?

ulrich schnauss  / between us and them [the bobs mix] (far away trains passing by)

young holt unlimited / food stamps (oh girl)  

dual tone / reign dub (taken from thievery corp’s dj kicks)

max sedgley / slowly (from the roots to the shoots)

freeland / burn the clock (now & them)

cirque du soleil / africa [cottonbelly remix] (solarium / delirium)

a tribe called quest / i left my wallet in el segundo (peoples’ instinctive travels...)

the orb feat. lee scratch perry / ball of fire (the orbserver in the star house)

psapp / hi (the only thing i ever wanted)

jones girls / hey lucinda (unavailable!  sourced from youtube)

fun loving criminals / the grave and the constant (come find yourself)

peace orchestra / double drums [detour original mix] (peace orchestra)

gigi / guramayle (gigi)

a band of bees / hourglass (free the bees)

john scofield band / philopiety [kleon’s a klepto mix] (up all night)

elo / long black road (american hustle soundtrack)