DETOUR 15 :: February 2010

intro from mark wickman

moody blues / the best way to travel (in search of the lost chord)

booka sade / vertigo (memento)

the herbalizer / theme from control centre (blow your headphones)

boyz from brazil / hi-fi trumpet (the boyz from brazil)

steinski / hello big man (what does it all mean?)

rae & christian / ready to roll (sleepwalking)

air / californie (premiers symptomes)

bonobo / d song (dial ‘m’ for monkey)

lionrock / straight at yer head (instinct for detection)

moody blues / om (in search of the lost chord) [mindful mix]

mumm-ra / she’s got you high (500 days of summer soundtrack)

charlatans uk / patrol (chemical bros mix)

boozoo bajou / way down (feat ben weaver) (dust my broom)

dj frane / hydroponic jungle throwdown (electric garden of delights)

flevans / out to lunch (make new friends)

coldcut / boogieman (sound mirrors)

bill laswell / thunupa (sacred system chapter two)

9 lazy 9 / black jesus (zen: a retrospective)

thievery corp / state of the union (richest man in babylon)

mossy rock / vino collapso (zero to one sessions) [tues pm mix]

clinton / buttoned down disco (disco and the halfway to discontent)

rjd2 / here’s what’s left (deadringer)

crack the sky / flying (white music) [headtrip mix]