DETOUR 12 :: January 2009

dex dubious / sweet thing (

gaijin a go go / tempura mental [ursula 1000 remix] (ursadelica)

dirty vegas / alive (dirty vegas)

kid koala / slew test 2 (you don't know ninja cuts)

chris joss / i want freedom (teraphonic overdubs)

herbaliser feat. what what / the blend (blow your headphones)

shirley bassey / where do i begin (the remix album)

southern culture on the skids / house of bamboo (plastic seat sweat)

the new mastersounds / 102% (102%)

james brown / problems (make it funky: the big payback 1971-1975)

jazz juice / too horny (freestyle singles collection vol 9)

nickodemus & osirus / free souls part 3 (turntables on the hudson vol 6)

gabin / the other way round (mr. freedom)

eternal golden void / the five pearls [miyagi mix] (docking sequence)

massive attack / blue lines (blue lines)

dr didg / later (serotonality)

ronnie hudson & the street people / west coast poplock (gangster boogie)

run dmc vs bangles feat eddie murphy / run like an egyptian (online somewhere...)

skeewiff / coming home baby (cruise control)


This episode is dedicated to my family: Kirsten, Zuzu and Oliver. We made it, and now we're together for good!