When will it end?

What’s it going to take for radical change?

Where is the line that marks the end of this country’s romance with guns?

This feeling of numbness is becoming sick and familiar.  I don’t know what to do with it.  I feel like I’m swimming in an ocean of PTSD.  It’s bad enough that our country is mired in a nuclear staring contest between nutjobs… we also endure the weekly splatter across our news and social media feeds.  SHOOTING.  CHILDREN.  GUNMAN.  KILLING SPREE.  I just can’t fucking take it anymore.

I called the republican senator from my state.  I had to.  I had to tell him that when these shootings happen, the lack of substantive response feels like THEY.  DON’T.  CARE.  They don’t seem to fucking care.  There’s no debate.  No “good time” for debate.  Ideas any of us might have get swept away in the enormity of it all.  The impossibility.  

Take away the guns?  Ban assault weapons?  More restrictions?  

Never happen.  The NRA will never let that happen.

It’s this monolithic gray slab of NEVER.  NO.  CAN’T.  WON’T.



Sorry.  Can’t do it.  I can’t.  I won’t.  This issue needs to be revolutionized.  There needs to be revolt.  But it’s more than a fight.  More than “our side” beating “their side.”  There needs to be coming together.  Common purpose.  It’s an easy goal:


Can we agree on that?  Can we say that’s a reasonable bull’s eye?

I know what cable news and talk radio and the talking heads will say.  On both sides.  All the positions are already staked out.  The discussion is over before it begins because everyone knows the points and counterpoints.

We need to turn that shit off and start over.  If we can’t come together as Americans with a goal of stopping mass shootings, we’re lost.

I made a list.  It’s a brainstorm.  In a brainstorm, you don’t stop yourself to second guess or get caught up in details.  You just write it down.  You spitball.  Free flowing thought.

Here’s where we can start.  In this exercise, there is no “CAN’T.”  There is no “NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.”  These are ideas.  Having no plan is not a plan.

These are my suggestions.  What’s your suggestion?  Call Congress.  Talk to your neighbors.  Talk to your conservative cousin or your liberal mother in law.  Let’s start a conversation.  Let’s start a revolution.  If we don’t do it, who will?  If it can’t start now, when will it?

Here’s my brainstorm:

Triple the cost of bullets.

If you’ve been convicted of a felony, you may no longer possess a gun.

If you’ve had a restraining order against you, you may no longer possess a gun.

If you have have spent more than 24 hours in a psychiatric facility, you may no longer possess a gun.

If you are on a federal terror watch list, you may no longer possess a gun.

If the police respond to a call for a domestic violence incident at your house, all occupants are placed on a 6 month list to prevent gun purchases.

Your gun is your responsibility.  If your gun is used to commit a crime by another person, you are liable in civil court for damages.

All guns must be registered into a federal database.  For the first year, to mitigate cost, registration will be $10.  

If you sell a gun and do not register the gun and/or the sale, you face a fine of $100,000.

If a gun sold has not been properly registered and is used in a crime, the seller/dealer can be sued in civil court and will be fined $100,000.

Ban assault weapons, automatic/high capacity magazines, bump stocks, armor piercing bullets and silencers.

If you own one of these, there will be a buy back period.  If you do not turn them in, and you are caught in possession, you will be fined or go to jail.

In any gun sale, in any venue, there shall be a one week period between the purchase and subsequent possession of the gun in order for all checks to be completed.

Private sales or gun show sales are subject to same stringent procedures as over the counter sales.

The 2nd amendment is fundamentally altered to reflect the nation’s current reality with guns.

Any business selling guns must pay a large annual dealer fee to support buy-back programs and gun registration costs.

There you go.  My suggestions.  They’re ideas.  Thought starters.  I know they’re extreme and far fetched in many cases.  So is a gunman killing and injuring over 400 people out of a hotel window.

Revolutions have to start somewhere.

What’s your suggestion?