99 Thankfuls and a Bitch is One

Often when I meditate, one of my prayers or invocations is how incredibly lucky I am and how I have so much to be grateful for. As I sat there breathing this morning... in... out... a list began to form in my mind. So, for Thanksgiving here are my 99 'thankfuls.' An exercise in gratitude stream of consciousness. Some are huge, some are silly (hello #66!), but all are for real. Here we go:

1. Luella and my dogs.  We have Luella, Sammy and Jake.  Luella is a rescue and it took a while for me to warm up to her.  Getting in the trash.  Pooping in the house.  Jumping on the table and eating our food?!  You gotta be kidding me.  But I don’t know that I’ve ever known a sweeter dog at heart and she has become my fuzzy white bear.  I love her dearly.

2. Clean water to drink

3. Plenty of food to eat every day

4. A roof over my head

5. Jazz

6. Laughter, which I engage in all the time. Often by myself.

7. Bicycles

8. Blue sky colorado mornings

9. Groomed blue runs on my snowboard

10. All my friends who support me, help me and make me laugh

11. David Skelton, my dad and Lily.  All gone now.  They remind me often that life doesn’t go on forever so we have to make the most of every day.  We never know what lies round the bend.

12. Vinyl records

13. All the love I’ve gotten about my art

14. The internet for connecting all of us

15. My wife, who could take up about 50 positions on this list.  A man could not ask for a better friend, supporter, lover and partner.  She.  Is.  Everything.

16. My kids, who aren’t too shabby at being wonderful, either.

17. My mom

18. My meditation practice

19. Good health

20. The teachers at Pioneer Elementary.  Simply amazing.

21. Every hug I get from my kids

22. Good sleep: the engine of my well being.

23. Baseball

24. Good movies

25. My studio: a fortress of solitude that I’m grateful for every single day.

26. The occasional too tall bourbon over ice

27. Arlo Guthrie and the role he plays in this holiday

28. My art room

29. Dennis Wheeler for being an incredible friend

30. My high school friends who fill my life with way too much inappropriate and un-PC laughter

31. The generosity of Jack and Susan Bailey

32. The community of Lafayette

33. The taco truck at El Mercado!

34. All my clients, who are the reason I can do what I do.  It’s just the truth.  Without them, I can’t imagine what life would be like.

35. My breath and how it brings me back to the present moment

36. Coffee and whole milk

37. Our President for doing a thankless job with such dignity and poise

38. Ray Magliozzi from Car Talk. You will be missed.

39. All the people in all the jobs that keep this world running

40. Our military: I could never do what you do

41. The families of our military-- I know you are sacrificing, too.

42. World Vision and what they accomplish

43. Dennis Evans and San Lucas Toliman Scholars.  Incredible opportunities for Guatemalan children to go to school.  Check it out here.

44. Mike Anderson of Rocky Mountain Legal Center for walking the walk full on.

45. Sister Carmen Community Center for all they provide to local families.

46. Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non Violence in Boulder.

47. Police and firefighters

48. Pandora and Spotify.  Music everywhere?  Yes please!

49. Joe Angel, Fred Manfra and the Orioles for being the soundtrack of my summer.

50. Being able to afford medical care

51. Nathan South for convincing me to buy the cabin and being a bestie

52. The experience of Art Night Out last July

53. David Tartaglia for helping me bring HiFi Jones to the web

54. Josh Goodman for being a VO guy I can confide in.

55. Brandy Hotchner, Lisa Siciliano, Laura Edwards, Michelle DeBakey and others for teaching me about being an artist.

56. The miracle of texting

57. Thrift shops everywhere!

58. My Mac

59. Hot showers

60. Comfortable shoes

61. Money to pay the bills

62. My old ass Subaru

63. Date nights with my wife and the babysitters that allow them to happen

64. Sleeping in on weekends and the fact that my kids like to sleep in, too!

65. Sushi

66. God help me… chicken wings.  Because they’re so f----- good.

67. Steak nights with Alison Heller

68. Tripp Holland, GG Force and the exciting things that lie ahead

69. Cara McCormack, my wonderful, occasional masseuse

70. Curating the Cool and Castle B for showcasing my art

71. Noel Maceluch for being a great teacher

72. Emerson friends far and wide

73. A perfectly chilled, well made martini

74. Swamp coolers in the summer

75. Heat in the winter

76. Dreams coming true and all those who follow their dreams.

77. Our amazing planet

78. The miracles of nature that keep me in awe

79. The men of Manclub who never fail to amuse

80. This time of year and the chance to reflect on all that is good

81. Julie Ralston and Struttin’ Pup

82. Airplanes and their pilots who make traveling so easy and bring friends and family together

83. Double dates with great friends like Mark and Trisha Hussian.

84. Keith Kovach for taking Dig Dug seriously.

85. Reading to my son at night and watching my daughter read to herself

86. Silly old video games and pinball

87. Holding my wife’s hand

88. Bert Weiss for believing in me and Josh Hall for producing so well

89. Sanders Hickey for being so gracious and finally getting caught up!

90. Dean Kattari for continuing to advocate for me at KFOG.

91. Fantasy football as a vehicle for incredibly sophomoric jokes

92. Brad Savage who has supported me longer than any other PD!

93. My batty neighbor for finally moving out and taking her barking dogs with her, but leaving lots of scrap wood for art projects

94. Dave Benson, who continues to inspire

95. The outlandish miracle that is a career in voice overs.

96. People everywhere who fight for justice

97. The smell of burning incense and fresh brewed coffee

98. My sister and our ever strengthening bond

99… And Tom and Kirstin Hardie for hosting dinner tomorrow.  We’ll do it next year, guys, I promise!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL. Please pass the gravy.